Thanks for your time...

I'm just ordinary guy mapping my life more meaningful and tried to make others happy..




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It is SHOWTIME..!!
Thursday, 25 March 2010 08:29
27th MARCH 2009
8.30pm - 9.30 pm

Show your support by turning off your lights..where ever you are on the planet...!!

it is 2010 man..!!
Friday, 29 January 2010 12:39
hey Out there..!!
Gosh..its been a long time dat I didnt 'upgrade' my blog...
its kinda dusty in here...fuuh..fuhh..

Well, now 2010...nice number huh..
I think this year, more meaningful for me..(i hope it will...)
Everythings change..
My life, my place, my stuff...
and the important thing.."I will finish my study this year...yeay!!"
I cant wait...

I think this year I need to demolish all the rubbish frenz...sorry..
I know it looks like im sellfish..but Im not..
I need to give my own body to go to the next level..
coz enuf..means enuf..
I think I had already spend my life and put my priority as 2nd before...but I juz get 'shit' as a return...

So, I need to be more stronger and more 'me' to enter a new life of me..
The journey still far,but I got my spirit from my sis..
Thanks sis..

For my beloved frenz that still be my side,Thanks a lot for your support...
U know who u r..

bye for now..


Thursday, 12 November 2009 15:12
When we talk bout LOVE...What would u understand with that term??
yea..It can be the positive one or negative one..it depends on our-self to arrange it.

I have always been able to love others. The problem was, I didn’t love myself. I gave others in my life the love that I so desperately needed.

I’ve always been a caring person – and generous. I sacrificed my own needs, my own wants for other people because I always put others before myself. I wanted to make them happy, take away their pain. But it was my pain that needed aid...but why??

I dunno..I also can't answer that question..
I've tried to be more egoist-selfish person, but I just uncomfortable by wearing sophisticated mask.Why I said so?? Yea..coz most of people now tried to be "puppet" or "actor" in terms of relationship...so highly egoism, selfish with their own interest and lack of respect...damn!

Whatever it is...
I make positive healthy choice that support who I am and what I want to accomplish with my life – and not based on what others would like for me. I KNOW what I want, and WHO I am.
Thanks to God..


Twilight New Moon..Can't hardly wait..!!
Tuesday, 3 November 2009 10:21
TWILIGHT babe..!!
now their back with New moon..
What's a different??
Ofcoz the Director and the story plot...hahaa..
Chris Weitz (Director of New Moon)..
B4, as a Director and a screenwriter for an exciting fantasy adventure, set in an alternative world where people's souls manifest themselves as animals, talking bears fight wars, and Gyptians and witches co-exist (The Golden Compass).
I think that "New moon's" movie, more adventure and exciting..!! Hope so...xD

Twilight VS New Moon

Stephen Gately died..
Monday, 12 October 2009 01:08

The 33-year-old Irish pop star and actor was on holiday with his long-term partner Andrew Cowles in Majorca when he "tragically died" on Saturday, said the Boyzone Tour website.

A spokesman for the police in Spain said Gately died at 1.45pm in his house in Port Andratx, and added: "At the moment it is not known how he died. There are no signs of suspicious circumstances."

Finally it's over...
Saturday, 10 October 2009 09:00
Ni laaa keje group2 aku...
Every week nak kene present...
Daripada idea yang gempaq2..kene tapis..
mcm2 hal..
last2 aku malas nak fikir..
wat cmni je..
simple kan??




Wednesday, 7 October 2009 07:40
Hey guys...
Could u guys please help me to find out where should I go for dis comin' holiday?
Errkk..guys...local ONLY plz...lol...
I really need to rest my mind..
my body need some rest...

2morrow is my last day for final exam...
So...pray for me..

Thanks all...